Wedding in Durango

Although I slept well on Friday night, I woke up on Saturday with a throbbing headache and nosebleeds. After a while, the vomiting set in. We think this was altitude sickness and boy was I miserable. After drinking copious amounts of water, however, I felt better. I went for a long run (6 miles) in the gym and kept it nice and slow. I felt much better afterwards. In fact, so much better, that John and I decided to have a late lunch (al fresco) at the resort. We ended up at an outdoor bar where green chile was on the menu. John was in heaven! I had a bunless hot dog with green chile and John had a chicken sandwich with green chile. We also split an order of fries. Delicious!

We had a blast eating, chatting with family and taking in the views. Afterwards, John and I hustled to get ready for the wedding. Once ready, we headed over to Engineer’s Peak for the afternoon ceremony.

The outdoor ceremony was set in an idyllic field of flowers and trees. It was a beautiful setting for a wedding.  I loved the bridesmaid dresses, the mother of the bride’s gown, the bride’s gown — all of them were gorgeous. Before we knew it, the pastor announced Mr. and Mrs. Brokaw and we were off to the resort for the reception.

We had a brief cocktail hour before the dinner, so we had fun chatting, taking pictures and snacking. I also enjoyed the spiciest Bloody Mary I’ve ever had!

For dinner, the resort’s restaurant had been turned into a beautiful scene of yellow and white flowers and decor. We sat at long tables for dinner and dessert. John and I were seated with family that we rarely get to see, so this was a treat for us.

We enjoyed a great meal — a salad, chicken or beef with vegetables, along with wedding cake and a fabulous dessert bar.  We also had lemoncello for toasting!

Afterwards, there was lots of dancing and John and I spent some time chatting with the bride and groom. Check out Denise’s gown.

 Stunning, right? So ornate yet delicate, and perfectly suited for the bride. After more visiting and dancing, John and I called it an early night (rumor has it the 20-somethings had an after-after party) — boy did the altitude get to us on this trip! However, what a beautiful wedding and a special family occasion. Congratulations to Denise and Ben!

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