Durango Mountain Resort

When John and I found out that our cousin Denise was getting married, we were excited for her and Ben (her fiancé). When we learned Denise had her heart set on a Durango wedding, we were thrilled. We’ve wanted to get to Durango for quite some time and the wedding was the perfect excuse to act on our desire.

John and I flew to Durango, via Denver, Friday morning. The flight to Denver was fine, but the flight to Durango was uncomfortable — 38 minutes of the worst turbulence I have ever experienced. I have never been more excited to see the ground in my life. Upon arrival, we rented a car and made the drive to the Durango Mountain Resort. Along the way, we made a pit stop at Nature’s Organics grocery store to pick up a few items for our room – water, cheese, deli meat, fruit, candy, beer and champagne. What can I say? All in moderation, folks! I also picked up some Kind granola bags. Never seen these before, but glad to purchase them.

Durango Mountain Resort is about 41 miles from the airport. The drive up was glorious — the scenery was amazing! Everything was so beautiful that the landscape didn’t look real.

Somehow, we ended up in a 2 bedroom suite in the main lodge, complete with kitchen, washer, dryer and access to a full gym and spa. No complaints here!

After getting settled, we drove to the nearby home of one of John’s Aunt and Uncle. Uncle Chuck and Aunt Jeanie hosted about 30 of us for dinner, dessert and family time  that night. We were thankful for their hospitality and enjoyed spending time with the Arnold family. Good times!

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