Memorial Day in Mexico

John and I woke up on Memorial Day and hit the gym again. What can I say? I have a Streak to complete! For breakfast, I ordered a tomato/veggie juice. This was truly a homemade V8 without all the salt of the canned version. I loved this and will try to recreate this at home soon. So delicious.

Afterwards, we spent a few hours on the beach. I miss this place already.

Fortunately, we had a pretty uneventful trip back to Houston. However, things got interesting after we landed. Not to belabor the story, but there is a good and bad element to this part of the trip.  Let’s start with the good. Upon landing, there was a one hour wait in Customs. However, because we signed up recently for the Global Entry Program there was no wait. None. Less than 2 minutes at the kiosks and we were done. Easy Peasy. Highly Recommend. Now, the bad. John took the wrong suitcase and only realized this after we were home. He ended up driving back to IAH…where his luggage couldn’t be found. They eventually found it…the next day. Lesson: Always double check luggage tags. Even with this minor error, we still had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and a fantastic experience at the St. Regis Punta Mita.

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