A Week of Ups and Downs

After trips to Washington, DC and Austin, TX, I am happy to be home for the weekend. However, somewhere along the way I picked up a killer sinus infection.  I am feeling so horribly today that I slept until 2 PM this afternoon — give or take a few mini breaks to sneeze, blow my nose and guzzle fluids. This is not like me. Being sick is for the birds!  Needless to say, this week has been a mix of ups and downs…


  • Saw my colleagues in DC and had a great time catching up with everyone.
  • Enjoyed two nice outdoor runs in DC.
  • Cooked a frittata for dinner last night (too bad I couldn’t taste it!) and John loved it! Must have been the green chile.
  • Met with a financial advisor that John and I really like.  Looking forward to planning our future with him!
  • Continuing to enjoy my United Club lounge membership.  Snacks, drinks, comfortable places to sit, plugs to utilize and agents to help amend plans make travel challenges easier to deal with (see downs).


  • Sinus infection from hell. Enough Said.
  • Delayed in Charlotte traveling home from DC and landed in Houston at 3 AM, 5 hours later than expected.

The ups certainly outweighed the downs this week, but the downs were certainly challenging.  I am hoping to feel better for Mother’s Day tomorrow.  For now, John and I are taking it easy and trying to enjoy a low-key weekend. Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

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