Weekend at L’Auberge

As we did in 2009 and 2010 (John and I missed out last year), we spent the weekend at the L’Auberge Casino Resort. No special reason for our excursion — we simply wanted to spend some time together. I consider myself fortunate to genuinely love my family members and to want to spend time with them. Since we all get along, time together is always twice as nice…and fun.

We drove in Friday afternoon and had dinner at the Jack Daniel Restaurant at the Resort. I wish I could tell you that I had a light and healthy meal, but I didn’t. I had a beef hot dog (sans bun) with a side of tater tots. Gulp. It was tasty! Afterwards, most of us spent time in the casino. I always try to stick with my Dad because he has the best luck and is a great gambler. In the end, I walked away with an extra $6 and my Dad ended the night up several thousand dollars. Apparently I need to pay better attention to Daddy-O.

I met my sisters in the spa on Saturday morning for treadmill runs and time in the sauna. It was glorious. Note to self: spend more time in the sauna. I always forget how great I feel afterwards. Anyhow, after breakfast with the entire family, my sisters, Zach and I decided to spend some time lounging pool side. It was glorious.

Sun, breeze, water…and drinks! I am not a big drinker (at this point in my life…tomorrow and yesterday might be a different story), but indulged in this “Miami Vice” cocktail.

Happy Cinco de Derby to me! Or Derby de Mayo! Anyhow, this is possibly one of my favorite cocktails…ever. My Mom, John, and Dad joined us for part of the day (when the guys weren’t golfing) and all in all, everyone had a really relaxing day. Later, we had dinner together before everyone went about their evening. John (who is dealing with terrible allergies) went upstairs while the rest of us hit the casino. Dad, Julie and Nelda were big winners last night! I only lasted a few hours due to the cigar smoke and random Saturday night shenanigans of certain casino goers. Some people shouldn’t mix booze, cigarettes and their gambling addictions. Just saying!

Sigh. Oh how I wish I could be lounging, sleeping late and spending more time with the family today.  Weekends with my family always pass too quickly. It doesn’t help when I have to travel for work on Sundays, but I think you understand what I mean. Now, after an early trip to Houston this morning, I’m off to DC for the next few days for a work retreat. See ya on the flip side!

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