Catching Up

I kicked off last week in Houston, moved on to Austin for work commitments, then moved on to Santa Fe for additional work commitments, then made it back to Houston late Thursday. Whew! Despite being exhausted when Friday came around, I sucked it up and joined John at the kick-off reception for the opening of the new Texas Asia Society (yes, we’re members) building.

The building is absolutely gorgeous and features lots of spaces that can be utilized for varying events and a few more permanent spaces (auditorium, gallery, outdoor seating area, etc.). I could live there! It’s a good thing I dressed up for the event because we ran into a lot of people we knew and we were introduced to a lot of people throughout the evening. To John’s dismay, I didn’t want a fancy dinner afterwards and I insisted that we eat dinner at Jenni’s instead. What can I say? I love routine and fabulous food.  Besides, sometimes the simplest route is the best choice.

Good Times! We spent the rest of the weekend catching up with things around the house — cleaning, organizing, laundry, etc.  We also did the standard errand and weekend activities routine — church, cleaners, gym-time, yard work, shopping, etc. We also managed to squeeze in a few fun things — you know, watching reality TV, napping and planning future travel.

Now I’m ready for a very full week of work. Did you have a great weekend?

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