Technical Difficulties

This past week…

  • My laptop threw tantrums and finally had a meltdown. It is in NYC being repaired. Oh, and all of my work files are still on it.
  • Our AC compressor gave out. We replaced it. Do you know how expensive that is?
  • Our AC company set-up our new AC compressor incorrectly and overpowered our electrical hardline…killing it. Do you know how expensive it is to replace that?
  • Good thing our AC company is eating the costs. Thanks, John! Sadly, John had to bring his lawyering skills to the table on this one.
  • I have been working like a crazy person. Being out of the office for 9 days was fun, but boy did I return to a pile of work.

Yeah, I pretty much felt like that. On the other hand, this week I also:

  • Created delicious juice concoctions with my juicer;
  • Met a dear friend for lunch;
  • Have had some great runs outdoors;
  • Saw my China roomie (Blanca);
  • Unexpectedly ran into friends several times; and
  • Finally returned to a normal sleep schedule.

Ups and downs, right? I guess that is what makes life interesting.  John and I are meeting my side of the family in Austin, TX for Easter weekend and are heading out tomorrow. Can’t wait! Any big plans for Easter?

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