March In Review

March was quite a month! Between work, travel, things around Cliffwood and a recent bout of food poisoning (I am still getting over this), I am exhausted, but ready for April.

Here’s a quick look back at the highlights of my March:

  • Personal:  I did a lot of organizing around Cliffwood in March. John and I also celebrated John’s new job in Las Vegas, and I traveled to China with the Greater Houston Partnership.
  • Professional: I took three trips to Austin (TX), one to New York, one to Chicago and spent the rest of my time working from my home office.
  • Running:  I logged 48 miles this month (per Daily Mile). This is down from recent months due to my travel schedule and trip to China. I am hoping to get back on track in April.

  • Travel Numbers for the Month: 20 – number of days spent traveling; 16 – number of nights spent in a hotel (away from Cliffwood).  Yikes!

How was your March? Big plans for April?

2 thoughts on “March In Review

  1. Shundea says:

    Hey Miss Ma’am!! I’m glad that you enjoyed China. I will admit that my inner-mother was worried about you with breakfast being the only time “American” food would be offered. Since I am still out of the office, I haven’t had a chance to talk to Blanca.

    Did I send you pictures of Loren? I have severe baby brain from lack of sleep.

    April will be low-key for me. We’re staying home for our anniversary this year. I return to work mid-month.

    • MCA says:

      You should be proud of me. I didn’t really act a fool while in China! But, feel free to consult Blanca. She may have a different angle! 🙂

      Please send me pics to my 832#. Do you have it? I hope you and the family are doing well!

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