China: The Long Journey Back to Houston

(typed on my iPad during the long journey back home….and finished this post at home!)

March 20th

Blanca and I woke up early and began packing and organizing our bags.  After breakfast, we found ourselves packing again to make sure that everything was accounted for in our luggage. Leaving something important behind in China didnt’ really sound all that appealing to us. Our bus ended up leaving our hotel late (not sure why), and unfortunately that meant that we were almost last in line to check in for our flight. In fact, the only people behind us in line were our tour-mates. Grrrr. The travel gods smiled on us, however, and gave us each an aisle seat. Although our seats were not together, they were still good seats to be in for our almost 9 hours trek.

I made friends with my seatmate and have to admit that I was pretty thrilled that she slept almost the entire trip to LAX. On the other hand, I didn’t sleep a wink and spent my time writing, working, watching movies on my iPad and visiting with my tour-mates.  And if I must tell the truth…I also had 2 screwdrivers. An enabler tour-mate purchased vodka for the trip home and I didn’t want to be rude and turn down his offer. I also didn’t want to go crazy on the flight home, so I think this was a win-win for everyone.

Once we got to LAX, we had to go through customs, recheck our luggage and make a transfer to the United terminal for our flight back to Houston.  I spent some of the “down” time in the United Presidential Lounge.  I spent most of my time there on the phone and with email due to a few work-related issues.  As soon as we rolled away from the gate in LA, however, I passed out. Before this nap, I had been up for about 18 hours.  Yikes! I woke up as we were descending into Houston. Score! John picked me up from the airport and I couldn’t have been happier to see him!

It sure feels good to be home! :mrgreen:

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