China: The First Leg

I took notes during my travels, so my blog posts will probably reflect different tenses.  Sorry guys – just roll with it! :mrgreen:

March 11, 2012

(typed on 3/11 @ the Westin)

I flew to LA on Sunday afternoon (March 12th) to catch a Monday flight to Shanghai.  Technically, I could have flown to LA on Monday morning, but I didn’t want to risk being late or having lost luggage – both of which were probable scenarios.  Thanks to a few ground delays, my flight arrived later than scheduled and I ended up checking into the Westin LAX around 9:30 PM on Sunday.  I didn’t really mind the delays thanks to a first class upgrade, hours of Law and Order on Direct TV and a gluten-free meal. Thank You, Travel Gods!

Blanca joined me at the hotel and we stayed up talking much later than we should have.  I checked through all of my luggage and realized that I forgot something – my watch. I asked John to set it for me before I left and never got it back from him. I am not suggesting this is John’s fault, I am merely stating a fact. 😉  Guess I know what I need to buy in China!

Travel Confessions: I really miss John – he is a great travel partner!

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