What Happens in Vegas…

John and I slept in on Sunday and enjoyed a restful morning. We had a late-morning flight back to Houston and waited until the last possible minute to leave for the airport. During our stay in Vegas, we took up residence at the Westin Casaurina Casino and Spa.  As a loyal Starwood member, I figured a stay at this property was a must, despite its location 3 blocks off the Strip. Due to my Platinum status, I also assumed we would be well-taken care of. Wrong!

Long story short, the hotel was a BUST.  It is in real need of an upgrade (exterior and interior) and several of their employees are in desperate need of customer service training and guidance with general life skills. Seriously. The area outside of the elevator on our floor smelled like kitty litter. Perhaps that is because the hotel allows pets?! Either way, it was disgusting.  Our room was just fine — it was the rest of the experience that was lacking. On the other hand, we did enjoy not being roused by drunks and late night revelry during our stay. However, that is not enough of a reason to stay there again…because we won’t ever stay there again.  When we planned this trip, my gut reaction was to book our room at the Wynn, but my Starwood loyalty took over.  Friends, this is a situation where loyalty eclipsed everything else to a fault.  Lesson learned.

The hotel stay, however, was a small aspect our lovely Vegas experience. We had a really wonderful time in Sin City! :mrgreen:

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