Weekend in Las Vegas

Today has been a crazy day. I meant to get these posts up last night or early this morning, but, well…life happened.  Enjoy!…

As previously mentioned, John and I flew to Las Vegas last Thursday to celebrate John’s new job and to take advantage of a few days that John had between jobs. So technically, yes, we were celebrating John’s unemployment! John and I visited Las Vegas together twice before this trip (in 2007 and 2009), and we always forget how much of a good time we have there.

Anyhow, John and I flew Southwest Airlines and, true to cliché, the plane was in full party-mode throughout the flight.  As in, running-out-of-alcohol-and-cutting-people-off-kinda-flight.  As you might imagine, we arrived with nice-sized headaches. We checked into our hotel without incident (more on the hotel later) and settled into our room. We had dinner reservations at Bartolotta at the Wynn.  I don’t have any photos from our experience there (you will see this is a theme for the trip) due to the very small purse I carried to our nice dinners.  However, everything was wonderful.  The Wynn is probably my favorite hotel in Vegas and the Bartolotta is a great Italian restaurant housed there.  The specialties of the house include seafood flown in from Italy and house-made pasta.  Needless to say, John and I gorged ourselves on tasty vittles.  We also dreamed of a Northern Italian-Switzerland vacation. What can I say? We love to travel!

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