Sin City Friday

John and I enjoyed dual workouts early Friday morning before settling into a few hours of intense work in our hotel room. Yes, we are those people (who work all the time).  We made a break for lunch and walked over to Caesar’s Palace to dine at Mesa Grill.  We both really like Bobby Flay and were excited to try this new-to-us restaurant.  We started the meal with Queso Fundido and I had ancho chile rubbed salmon for my entrée.  Fish during Lent never tasted so good! Swoon! I love Bobby Flay’s approach to Southwestern cooking — chile brings spice, not heat, to the dish.  Don’t get me wrong, I love heat in my food, but only when I am prepared for it! The menu included a lot of gluten-free options, as well as vegetarian options.

Additionally the service was great and the ambiance was gorgeous. I’d make another trip back to Mesa Grill in a heartbeat.After lunch, we trolled the Forum Shops and Fashion Show Mall for some intense shopping.  We walked away with too much stuff, but hey — we’re celebrating, right? We both did more work in the afternoon and I ended up taking a much-needed afternoon nap.  So very relaxing.

When evening rolled around, John and I were ready for a little fun, Vegas-style. This meant dinner at Le Cirque and taking in “O” at the Bellagio. We have wanted to dine at Le Cirque since watching the “Table in Heaven” HBO documentary.  Needless to say, when we planned our Vegas trip, all things revolved around scoring a reservation at the restaurant. The restaurant is an unbelievably gorgeous space.  Decorated in a chic, modern, circus-style fashion, the very small restaurant (100 person or less capacity?) has a very celebratory vibe. Also, the china in the restaurant is amazing.  I am a lover of fine china and seriously coveted their dishes — whimsically adorned with monkeys.  Sounds weird, but they were oh-so-chic. We both started off with martinis (I had a pomegranate martini [OK – two!] ) and dove into the butternut squash soup amuse bouche.  Delicious! For my appetizer, I had the “special” risotto — flavored with black squid ink and calamari.  Holy Moly.  This dish was unbelievable. Truly.  For my entree, I chose the potato wrapped sea bass and it was to die for. Simply fabulous.  As if all that food weren’t enough, I happily ate a green apple and lemon mousse for dessert.  Everything about our experience at Le Cirque — from the food, to the service, decor, china, ambiance, wine list, etc — was perfect.  Well worth the very expensive bill we paid at the end of our meal.  Le Cirque is a very indulgent experience, but one that is worth every penny. Le Cirque will easily take a place in my “favorite” restaurant list, and our experience there earns it a spot in my “Top 5 Meals” of my life list.  Yes, everything was that fantastic.

After dinner, we caught the late performance of “O.”  Without a doubt, this is my favorite Cirque du Soleil show.  The artistry and performances in this show are second to none. Truly, I was not prepared to be this taken by a performance and highly recommend it to anyone making the trek to Vegas. John and I agreed that our Friday date night was our favorite experience in a really long time! I even wore a color other-than-black to experience it all!

2 thoughts on “Sin City Friday

    • MCA says:

      Don’t get me wrong – “O’ is still kinda strange. =)

      While I appreciate the role of the clowns, I still find them mildly creepy.

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