February In Review

Last month, I wished for a calmer and slower February. Well… it looks like I got what I asked for! Here’s a quick look back at the highlights of my peaceful February:

  • Personal:  John and I took a quick trip to NOLA and finally purchased a rug for our sun room.
  • Professional: I took two trips to Austin (TX) and spent the rest of my time working from my home office. Although, I probably worked more hours from home than I ever would have on the road.  Note: there are consequences when your work is accessible at all hours of the day…and night.
  • Running:  I ran the 2012 Austin Half Marathon, the Conoco Phillips Rode 10K and logged 81 miles this month (per Daily Mile!). This is up a tad from last month.
  • Travel Numbers for the Month: 4 – number of days spent traveling; 4 – number of nights spent in a hotel (away from Cliffwood);

February was busy, yet peaceful.  I am looking forward to March, but am nervous about how crazy things are going to be on all fronts.  How was your February?

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