Oscar Sunday

I woke up craving a hearty breakfast.  Thanks to Nelda, I had an Ad Hoc GF Waffle/Pancake mix from Williams Sonoma to play with.  I ended up making blueberry and pecan waffles and serving them with freshly cut cantaloupe.  Although finding a recipe for the mix was challenging (if you use the mix, you can find the recipe in the lid!), I would highly recommend this mix and will be purchasing additional boxes in the very near future.

After breakfast, John and I went our separate ways for a few hours. While he took care of some yard work, I went on a 4-mile walk and did some chores around the house.  We went to lunch at Pico’s Mex Mex and then got pedicures. I also got a much-needed manicure. I took care of some chores later in the afternoon, including a mini grocery store run, laundry and office organizing.  I also made sure to watch E! so I could watch the Red Carpet coverage of the Oscars. Priorities! :mrgreen: Every year John and I watch the Oscars together and this year was no different.  I prepared a Greek Frittata for us following this recipe from Real Simple. However, in true Arnold fashion, I made a made a few changes (added garlic and omitted the salt). We served ours with blood orange and kiwi slices, but I imagine that you could pair this dish with just about anything. In terms of the Oscars, I will be talking more about that later. However, I will say that although the show was long we found it to be entertaining. Hope you had a great night and weekend.

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