Rodeo Run

It’s Rodeo Time in Houston! :mrgreen: The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo officially began with the 25th annual Rodeo Run this morning. The run precedes the annual parade that officially welcomes the Rodeo into town. Julie and I ran the 10K race and had a wonderful experience. I finished in 56:30 with a 9:06 race pace. Not bad (for me)! 15,000 people participated in the 10K and 5K races and many people chose to wear costumes. I really need to step up my game and get creative next year! Despite the large field, the race is well-organized and has a nice course that weaves around downtown. There is a great post-race event that features plenty of food, drinks, entertainment and giveaways. My only complaint with the race is the unorganized system for checked-bag retrieval. Long story short, it took us 30 minutes to retrieve Julie’s race bag. However, the important thing to remember is that race fees go toward scholarship funds for students. Naturally, that is something I can get support both professionally and personally.  Please consider participating in this race next year — you will have fun and support a great cause!

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