Friday (Double) Date Night

John and I met up with Julie and Ian for (double) date night yesterday. We don’t usually go out on Fridays (we are usually so worn out from the week), but we made an exception to attend the second annual Houston Mid-century Modern Market at Winter Street Studios. Last night was the kick-off party for the fabulous three-day event. Our tickets included beverages, light bites, performances and previews of the vendor exhibits.  The vendors provide a wide array of products, but all fall within the “modern” genre.  As owners of a mid-century modern abode (lovingly referred to as “Cliffwood” on this blog), we never pass up an opportunity to pick up a few items for the house.  In fact, in the past we have purchased decorative home items and furniture at this event.  This year, we picked up books, a pillow, a towel…and a lot of ideas.  If you are interested, the Market lasts all weekend and there is plenty to see and hear.

After perusing the Market, we made our way to Reef and had a wonderful dinner.  I am very picky about seafood and I absolutely love the way Chef Caswell prepares his food. It is simple, yet delicious.  I had the slow-cooked salmon with chili oil and it was divine.  I also shared some braised roasted greens and french fries.  Sounds like a crazy combination, but everything worked really well together. We may have to make this Friday (Double) Date Night a routine thing.  Thanks to Julie and Ian for hanging with the Arnolds! :mrgreen:

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