Life of Love

For years, John and I weren’t sure about celebrating Valentine’s Day. Instead, we preferred to celebrate the anniversary of the day we went on our first date (February 23, 2003), which incidentally, later became the date of our engagement in 2006.

As we’ve been married, we have learned to celebrate love every day, instead of focusing all of our efforts on one day, or a few days of the year. However, our work schedules and commitments have sometimes made this difficult. Time and space are sometimes hard to overcome. And, sometimes life is just complicated. But when we have an opportunity to spend time together and to express how much we love to each other, we try to take advantage of the situation.

Most certainly, love can be celebrated in a lot of ways. As a most decidedly girly-girl, I like expressions such as flowers, sweet treats, hugs, home-cooked meals, delicious food, wine, candles and kisses. However, I also like the small things, such as hearing “I love you,” “thank you,” and appreciative words for things I have done around the house to make our lives easier (or cleaner!). I try to do the same for John — although he isn’t as motivated by, or responsive to, candles or flowers as I am. Go figure.

On this Valentine’s Day we were actually in the same place at the same time without outstanding commitments that needed to be fulfilled. This was an unnatural occurrence. As cheesy as it may sound, we were both really happy to celebrate today together, manufactured holiday or not. We kept the day low-key and went to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in Houston. Here are a few glimpses of our day.

Whether or not you celebrated Valentine’s Day, I hope you had a wonderful day of love and life. Life is meant to be lived and you are meant to be loved.

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