Sunday Funday in the Quarter

When we woke up on Sunday morning we were cold. Even with two extra blankets we were freezing. When John’s weather app told him it was 32 degrees out, but felt like 27 degrees, I knew my morning run was postponed. Turns out, I brought inappropriate running clothes for the weather and with my half marathon so close (next week!), I prefer outdoor to treadmill running. Fail – Oh well. We opted for a leisurely morning, complete with brunch at Mr. B’s Bistro. We kicked off our meal with celebratory drinks — we were celebrating John’s new job after all! I had a Champagne Royale and John had a Mimosa.

For my entree, I ordered the Andouille Sausage and Spinach Fritatta. Now this is a way to make a frittata! The sausage was appropriately spicy and was offset by the fluffiness of the eggs. Perfection.

As we were eating, James Carville, Mary Matalin and their kids sat down next to us. Friends, I have had many encounters with celebrities and famous people, but this was exciting. Since John and I are political junkies (you knew this, right?), we couldn’t help but enjoy the presence of our next-table-over companions. We didn’t bother them (only exchanged smiles) and instead chose to enjoy the fantastic jazz trio that was playing at the restaurant. Too stuffed for more food, we actually passed on dessert. After lunch, we did a bit more walking and shopped the Quarter again before finally returning to our hotel and heading to the airport.

Upon arrival at the airport, we received quite a surprise. Long story short, our airline “accidentally” bumped us from our flight and all flights were sold out for the rest of the day. Our only option was to wait at the airport all day and pray that 2 seats opened up for us. Ummm…No. So we did what we could and booked a flight out for Monday morning. One more night in NOLA? Lucky us! There will be plenty of time to sort this out with our airline, and I decided that Sunday wasn’t the day to do this. This may come as a shock to close family and friends, but we just rolled with the situation. No one lost their job (or life) as a result of the mishap. We checked into the W NOLA and spent the afternoon parade and TV watching. I ended up doing a lot of work late in the afternoon and John napped.

We kept it very simple for dinner and walked to the Gumbo Shop for dinner. John had the infamous jambalaya and I had red beans and rice. Simple, yet so unbelievably satisfying.

I have no idea why my hands look like ape hands in that picture, but I promise my hands are normal in real life. But I digress. After a stroll through the Quarter we called it a night and returned to our hotel to relax, work and watch the Grammys. While the entire day wasn’t ideal, we still managed to have a fun and relaxing day.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Funday in the Quarter

  1. fefe says:

    Sorry to hear! Love the Gumbo Shop though!!! A must eat when in NOLA for me!! My celebrity sighting there not quite as glamourous….saw Richard Simmons, lol!

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