Crescent City Saturday

We woke up bright and early on Saturday and dutifully made our way to the gym for a workout — a run for me and strength training for John. We had a light Starbucks breakfast while preparing for the day. Mid-morning, John and I went on a tour of St. Louis Cemetery Number One, courtesy of the Save our Cemeteries organization.

We have always wanted to do this and were pumped that we made this mutual wish come true. We learned a lot about New Orleans while on this tour, including historical, funereal, and cultural facts. There is also a calming sense of the cemetery that I really enjoyed. Very peaceful.

There is also the weird and notorious to take in — notably the tomb of Marie Laveau, a legendary voodoo priestess. Lots of people leave offerings for her, including M&Ms, a plastic fork, beads and oranges.

Yeah, I don’t get it either. We also saw the future resting ground of Nicholas Cage.

So serious – he built that for himself. Anyhow, if you are interested in doing this tour, you must act on the urge. Whether you’re curious from an academic, morbid, philosophical, religious or cultural sense, I don’t think you will be disappointed. Afterwards, we lunched at the infamous Central Grocery.

We shared a (half) mufaletta and Zapp’s chips. And yes, I did have a few bites of the bread. Truthfully, I don’t miss traditional bread anymore and didn’t really care for it. However, I did care for everything else, especially the olive salad.

So delicious! After lunch, we did more sight-seeing and did a bit of shopping. We purchased a few gifts and John purchased antique silver spoons for me. I love to entertain and will put these to good use in the very near future. We also spent some time at Southern Candymakers and picked up a treasure trove of tasty treats, including these gems.

Out of curiosity, I got a reflexology foot massage from a place in the French Quarter in the afternoon. It-was-worth-every-penny. My feet and calves felt amazing afterwards. Highly recommend!

After even more shopping, John and I went to dinner at Herbsaint. Everything about this experience was amazing! I started the meal with a Louisiana Salty Dog.

Then, I had a great mustard green and ham salad, a side of white beans braised with bacon, followed by some GF gnocchi. Divine!!

After dinner, we walked 10 feet to take in the Knights of Spartan Mardi Gras Parade. Plenty of beads, music, dancing and…more beads. We ended up getting “trapped” in the Uptown area of NOLA until the parade was over, but we didn’t mind. Afterwards, we walked around the Quarter and did some people-watching. We had such a great time yesterday! The best part was my date! :mrgreen:

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