Hello, iPad (2)!

I finally gave in and purchased an iPad today! With all of my work travel and personal excursions, it was about time that I joined the modern world. John is thrilled!  As to not confuse our iPad babies, I purchased the black model. I absolutely love it! Through the encouragement of friends, I set up my iPad this evening and proceeded to sync several magazine subscriptions, as well as to download some apps.  Friends, are there any apps I “need?”

9 thoughts on “Hello, iPad (2)!

  1. jenmri says:

    Penultimate is a great app for taking notes and I was going to say WordPress has an app but it looks like you already have it. Pinterest is a good one, too. 🙂

  2. Amanda @ Click. The Good News says:

    I see you already have tripadvisor- which is helpful for finding restaurants and stuff when traveling. I use the ap called “Around me” which finds places near you quickly. Instagram, google, frequent flyer/hotel aps, kayak, wiki.amazon, groupon, pinterest, tweestcaster for twitter.
    Have fun!

    • MCA says:

      Yes. I also got the translate app so we can haggle in Chinese. Don’t worry — we won’t be using this app for evil! Bwahahahaa. Seriously! 🙂

  3. jenmri says:

    No it doesn’t require a stylus but if you’re planning to take several pages of notes it might be helpful to have one.

  4. fefe says:

    How to cook everything app by mark bittman(of nyt)
    Love martha stewart apps: cookies, cocktails, and smoothies
    Nigella lawson app
    As you can tell, i like cooking apps

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