Super Bowl Sunday 2012

This morning, Julie and I met in Baytown for a long (9 mile) run. We included an over-and-back on the Fred Hartman Bridge, despite the unbelievable winds.

And yes…notice my mirror? Someone smashed it in a parking lot and didn’t leave a note. How rude!? After our run, we met our parents for a quick breakfast and chat. Then, Julie treated me to a luxurious pedicure.

Thanks, sister! Before heading back into Houston, I picked up Dixie (Dixie is my parent’s dog)!

Dixie is going to stay with us for a few days. Look, she is already breaking the rules, Mom and Dad!!

We took a long nap together this afternoon. Ahhh! Dixie, John and I also snuggled during the Super Bowl. This year, we decided to stay home and watch the game from our living room. We had some rice crackers, Helluva Good dip and my homemade Black Bean Chili.

Yes, we are real party animals! Eh, that’s OK. I would much rather relax and lounge in my pajamas then…wear normal clothes! Regardless, we enjoyed the game and our snuggle time. One of my high school classmates, Rocky Bernard, earned his Super Bowl ring tonight! Go, Rocky! That was pretty exciting to watch! I am now headed for my yoga mat. After today’s run, I could use a good stretch.  Good Night!

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