A Day of Rest

To be honest, this week’s travel really wore me out.  Between conference sessions, networking, and meetings, I am exhausted. However, I did pick up a few souvenirs in Little Rock, including this adorable duck.

Yeah – I don’t know why I buy this stuff either. I didn’t sleep well last night (due to the rain), but made up for it with naps today.  For example, I had a nice breakfast…then a nap.

Then lunch…then a nap.

Feeling completely lazy, I went for an afternoon run at the gym and ran errands afterwards.  After a shower, laundry and some light cleaning, I did some work at my desk and took care of a few household administrative tasks (bills, filing, budgeting, etc…). It’s funny how the small things add up over just a few days. When it came to dinner, we decided to keep it low-key and ordered pizza from Pinks.

I had my usual — GF crust with Canadian bacon, olives, pineapple and jalapeno.  So delicious.  Heading to bed now — I’ve got a 9 mile run in the morning. Good Night!

4 thoughts on “A Day of Rest

  1. Kate Smith says:

    I miss Pinks… glad you’re keeping them in business for us 😉 And I love the duck… it’s the perfect piece to put in the guest bath so people are intrigued! haha

    • MCA says:

      Thanks, Kate. I thought about giving it a name…bu I would hate anyone to think I named it after them! 🙂 As in…you think that is moi???

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