Pack. Unpack. Repeat.

My blog posts have all read the same as of late — Pack. Unpack. Repeat. My apologies, but such is life in my world these days.  In fact, I am currently packing for a 3-day trip to Little Rock, AR.  In light of all my travels, I thought I would purposefully share a few other lame & mind-numbing non-travel related items from my life.

For example, I have been nesting lately and I am not quite sure why. Regardless, I have been on a cleaning and organizing streak! With Spring right around the corner, I have been thinking about ways to liven up the house.  After an evening stop at Crate and Barrel, I picked up some new linens for our bedroom.

Oh yes, I did.  Yellow/Gray + Marimekko = my dream come true.  And yes, we have those same linens in Green/Black.  Don’t judge. I also stopped by the Container Store and spent way too much money on trays and bins for my kitchen and for organizing my jewelry.  I also have big plans this weekend for my ovens and pantry. Cleaning and organizing here I come. Someone stop me. Seriously, what is wrong with me?!

I also had the pleasure of lunching with Blanca today.  She’s fabulous and I always love catching up with her.  We got fortune cookies at the end of our meal and this was my fortune.

My first thought when I opened it was…“I hope the fortune is money and not a baby.”  Hello — I was joking! Then I thought “I would prefer not to collect John’s life insurance so I hope that isn’t the fortune!”  Yes,  I have issues…but I bet you already knew that.  Truthfully, I realize that I am very, very blessed already and I hope that my fortune (if you believe in fortune cookies!) is continued happiness and blessings.  I should be so lucky!

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