I Really Mean It…

I know a lot of people overuse “thank goodness it’s the weekend,” “TGIF,” “Happy Friday!” and other variations on the theme. However, when I say “Thank Heaven for the weekend,” today I really mean it. Really. Truly.

This week I went to Oklahoma City, OK, Austin, TX, and Little Rock, AR for business trips. Three Cities (States!), Five Days. While I like these cities and had great meetings while traveling, these trips have left me exhausted. Feet-swollen-exhausted. Four- flights-and-one-road-trip-kinda-exhausted. Crowded-cold-airports-tired. For the record, I recommend Cole Haan wedges for endurance business travel, but that’s another post.

Yesterday was especially brutal. 4:00 AM wake up call. At 5:30 AM I pulled out of my driveway…spent the day in Arkansas and…at 6:30 PM I pulled back into my driveway. Good thing I love what I do!

In other news, our flights to/from China were booked by the travel agency yesterday. In turn, I booked my through tickets to/from LAX. This trip is happening!! :mrgreen:

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