His and Hers

Today we resurrected an old tradition — Date Day Sunday.  Date Day Sunday is simply a day of hanging out with each other with a variety of outings.  Some people may call this schedule their everyday life, but our busy schedules don’t really allow for that every weekend, or every day for that matter.

Our day began with workouts.  His — bike ride and 24 hour fitness strength workout. Hers — 7-mile run across the Fred Hartman Bridge in Baytown with Julie. Given that we (all 3 Cruz gals + Brother Zach) are running the Austin Half marathon in a few weeks, Julie and I needed some hill work and boy does the Bridge deliver.

It may seem weird to begin a date by separating ourselves, but it allowed us to each get the workout we needed/wanted.  Afterwards, John had breakfast at Starbucks and Julie and I met my parents in Baytown for a quick breakfast and catch-up session. After showers and some work, we headed to The Bird and the Bear for lunch.

This was our first time to The Bird and the Bear after several months of wanting to try it out. Since we are HUGE fans of Ouisie’s we thought we couldn’t go wrong.  But…we did.  I hate to say this, but lunch at The Bird and the Bear was a complete disappointment. Between waiting 10 minutes for a menu, the waiter getting my order wrong and really slow service, everything about our dining experience was wrong. And did I mention that the food was only meh? While it is possible that we didn’t order “right,” I am not sure how you can mess up an omelette (His) or a bison burger (sans ban) with fries (Hers). However, Bird and the Bear figured out how to do just that.  I am sure we will go back in the future, but it won’t be anytime soon.

After lunch, we went to Luke’s Locker to pick up a few things.  We walked away with some apparel (His) and new shoes (Hers). Sorry Nelda, we now have the same shoes!

Then, we went to Highland Village to do some shopping. We are looking for an 8×10 rug for our Sun Room and literally spent hours looking in Crate and Barrel, West Elm, Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware. I think we found a winner, but we are going to check out a few more places to be sure.  And yes, we are kinda nutty like that! After shopping, it was on to our local nail salon for some pampering.  Two pedicures (His/Hers) and one manicure were in order. I decided to go with a deep purple.

Sorry for showing you my runner’s feet!  Once we got home, John and I tore into the cupcakes we picked up at Sprinkles while in Highland Village.

That’s one German Chocolate cupcake (His) and one Red Velvet cupcake (Hers). We spent the rest of the evening working, lounging and eating together. What a wonderful His and Her day!

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