2012 Olympic Trials

What can I say about today?! Thanks to Sally Kolenda, a family friend and Women Who Wine-r, my family (minus Mom who is traveling) attended the Olympic Marathon Trials as VIP guests of BP. BP was the title sponsor of this year’s Trials and is a corporate sponsor of the US Olympic and Paralympic Teams.

Our passes gave us access to a hospitality suite, breakfast, champagne (!), a balcony that overlooked the finish line and reserved seating in the finish-line bleachers. Yes, it was AMAZING!

We had an absolute blast! If you read this blog regularly, you know that I love running and that I am HUGE fan of the Olympics. So, attending the Trials today was a tremendous opportunity for me and my family.

The suite also included several VIP running guests, including Joan Benoit Samuelson (Gold medalist in the ’84 Olympic Games and running legend!). She was kind enough to chat with us and to take a picture with Julie, Nelda, Sally and me.

And then there was the race. The race! As a marathoner, I know what it feels like to run 26.2 miles, but I cannot imagine how these runners felt.

The pressure, the anxiety, the training, and the excitement! However, I can tell you that the energy among the spectators was incredible. We cheered our hearts and lungs out! The excitement we all felt when Meb and Shalane Flanagan won their races was indescribable.  We were so proud and honored to have shared their win today! Afterwards (as if that wasn’t enough!), we were also invited to attend a luncheon honoring the winners at the Hilton Americas.

The food was great, but the program was even better. At the end of the luncheon, the members of the Male/Female US Olympic Marathon Team (!) were invited onstage individually to answer a few questions about their race and experience today (not pictured below are Desiree Davila and Abdi Abdirahman).

Such.A.Blast! I was honored to participate in today’s events and I am even more proud to be a Houstonian today!

PS — Can you tell I learned how to make photo collages? Woo Hoo! I promise I will make them look better — just give me a chance to figure out my new software.

6 thoughts on “2012 Olympic Trials

    • MCA says:

      Our original plan was to station ourselves in Discovery Green, but when the offer came through…we couldn’t pass it up! Either way, it would have been equally inspiring. So glad you got a chance to witness it all. As a runner, wasn’t it so…REAL!? Sort of “I know what they are feeling, but….not really! 🙂

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