Before the Race

Two more quick things about the Trials :

(1) I was interviewed by media today about my experience at the Trials (this former broadcast journalist wannabe was thrilled); and

(2) The highlight of today was watching Meb wave an American flag as he sprinted to the finish.  A true goose-bump moment!

After the Trials experience, John and I returned to Cliffwood to handle some “to-dos.” My primary to-do was taking down and organizing all of our holiday decor. Yes friends, my Christmas trees were still up as of 4:00 PM today! Such is the life of a girl on the go! 😉 We got it all squared away and had a quick dinner — Pink’s Pizza.  I had a few slices of a Canadian bacon, pineapple and jalapeno pizza on GF crust.

Delicious! Afterwards, the Hunters came over to settle in for the night.  Thanks to Sally (again!), Nelda is running tomorrow’s half-marathon!  Yes, Nelda got a free entry to a race that has been sold out for months and required a lottery system to gain entry.  And because Nelda is a bad-ass, she is running even though she hasn’t trained for it.  Watch, Nelda will smoke me and Julie tomorrow! Anyhow, I need to get to bed. Good Night!

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