On the Mend

Thanks for your emails and texts — I am finally on the mend! I went to the doctor today and apparently I have a severe case of food poisoning and now have some antibiotics to speed things along.  Next time (if there is one!), I will got to the ER if I experience this — my doctor told me I should have gone on Day 1 of this episode based on the severity of the incident.  Nice to know now! 😉 Anyhow, needless to say the last few days have been very interesting.  For the most part, I have spent my time working, napping, organizing and cleaning. Of course, yesterday’s highlight was the great flood of Willow Meadows.

Yes, that pregnant lady had to be rescued from her car. I watched the scene unfold from the safety of my driveway. Lesson — if you can’t see the ground…don’t drive. 

Tomorrow I am heading to OKC for an up-and-back business trip. Catch ‘ya tomorrow night. Until then, here is a picture that I hope makes you smile!

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