Weekend Fail

The plans to head to Austin? Off. Attending a very dear friend’s baby shower? Not today. FAIL. I am not sure what ails me (exactly), but I think it is food poisoning or the stomach flu. Sigh. So here I am, on our couch in Houston, getting couch lines all over my body. Lots of Gatorade and water, but no relief just yet. Hopefully this passes soon because I feel miserable. In other news, the Texans won today. Yes!

EDITED:  A-Ha!Just discovered I ate 2-week old deli turkey yesterday in my afternoon snack.  If it’s possible, I feel even MORE sick. BLERG.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Fail

  1. Shundea says:

    I’m not going to ask how you managed that one. I hope you bounced back okay.
    FYI- I you aren’t traveling this week, the team is hosting my baby shower Friday, Jan. 13 at 2:00pm. I haven’t seen your face and I miss you. No gift required. I just want to see you prior to maternity leave lock down.

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