January Joiners?

Are you familiar with the term “January Joiners?” If not, January Joiners are the people that you see working out in January as part of their NY resolution to get their sexy back, lose weight, get healthy, etc…only to retire their efforts in February or March.  Anyhow, I know some people have disdain for the “Joiners,” but I love them.  I always try to encourage these people at the gym, especially women that I have never seen before. They might think I am trying to pick them up, but I am really just trying to encourage them.  I really believe that any effort to exercise should be applauded, so BRAVO to you, January Joiners!

Today was a busy one for me.  I was at my desk all day long, working away — plenty to keep me occupied.  I also successfully completed my 2nd day of gluten-free eating. Wow — a 2 day streak! 😉  Lots of fruits, veggies, and lean proteins, with a couple of GF grains in the mix.  For dinner, I prepared chicken stir-fry.

Thanks to my awesome rice cooker (Thanks, Nel and Zach!) we had fluffy, perfect rice tonight. It’s the little things in life. Hope you had a good day too. Good Night!

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