New Years Day

Sunday, January 1st

After stumbling to bed pretty late on NYE, we somehow woke up at 8:30 feeling well-rested. We did our breakfast ritual, then lounged by the pool to read, drift, chat and zen-out. Around 1:00, we decided to make the trek to downtown for lunch. And by trek, I mean a 1 mile trip by taxi. Yes, L-A-Z-Y! We had lunch at Tamales y Atoles Any, a wonderful local restaurant that specializes in tamales and posole.

Not surprisingly, the place was packed! We started our meal by sampling their trio of salsas.

All 3 were very spicy — which says a lot because I like spicy food! For my entrée, I had a chicken tamale with rice and beans.

The tamale was fantastic, although the rice and beans were so-so. Both have been better in the past. John had the posole and said it was delicious.

After lunch we walked around the downtown market area for a bit and then returned to the hotel for more laziness and lounging. I ended up taking a 2 hour nap in the afternoon — guess I was more tired from NYE then I thought? We walked along the beach and sunset — it was stunning!

We walked over to la Casa Que Canta for our final dinner of the trip. As you may recall, we had our wedding reception at La Casa Que Canta and it is very special to us. The dining area looked especially beautiful, although it looks a bit funky in my picture.

I began the meal with the tortilla soup. Although it was extraordinarily good, it was not as spicy as it has been in years past.

Less of a chile flavor and more of a chicken flavor — delicious, but not the taste I was hankering for. For my entrée, I had the cappelini pasta and bean sauce.

It sounds weird, but is delicious! Que Rico! John and I enjoyed a nice leisurely dinner, thoroughly enjoying our first day of 2012. I hope you spent the 2012 with the ones you love too!

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