Gone Troppo!

Thursday, December 29th

And just like that…we were back in Zihuatanejo for a 5 day vacation! For the past 7 years, John and I have been going to Zihuatanejo (you can read about our 2010 and 2009 trips here and here), Mexico for rest and relaxation. We have visited every year since 2004, and were married there in 2006. Zihuatanejo, or “Z” to us, is small, unassuming and culturally rich. While some people prefer neighboring Ixtapa, we prefer Z – it is very special to us. We also love La Quinta Troppo (LQT) — our favorite hotel there. We know the staff really well and it is nice to receive hugs from them upon arrival and to be treated as family. Our trip started like all the others upon arrival at LQT– welcome guacamole and shaker margaritas. Delicious!

I swear, avocados from Mexico are superior to all others. We spent the afternoon poolside — alternately chugging water and margaritas.

I also did some reading and snoozing! Before we knew it, the sun was setting and it was dinner time. Per John’s request, we had dinner at Tentaciones — a beautiful, new hotel with sweeping views of the bay.

The setting was gorgeous.

The food…not so much. The hotel only offered a pre-set 5 course meal; no ordering off a menu. As a gluten-free diner that was problematic. As a result, I only ate 1 of the 5 dishes.

  • Course 1: Eggplant roll (included goat cheese and red bell pepper)
  • Course 2: Salad with balsamic vinegar and a variety of mushrooms
  • Course 3: Corn soup
  • Course 4: Surf and Turf – filet and shrimp
  • Course 5: Apple tart and vanilla ice cream

I’ll let you guess which one I ate. While the food was meh, the service was good. I won’t go back there again, but if you go to Z you might like it. I think John learned his lesson — ha! Although the food was a bummer, our first day in Z was pretty great.

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