Merry Christmas! :mrgreen:

After another restful night of sleep (9 hours!), John and I opened our gifts to each other this morning.

I am pleased that John loved the clothes and shoes I got him! I had no idea what John was getting me this year, so everything was a surprise.  Isn’t that fun!? My by-the-book attorney husband got very creative and had a gifting theme this year – Things that Sparkle! From the wrapping paper to the gifts, everything he gifted me with had a glimmer to it! For example, take a look at my new Toms!

Sparkle! Although Christmas isn’t about the gifts…I am so excited for my new things! :mrgreen: Thanks, John! After exchanging gifts, John, my father-in-law and I went for a nice Christmas walk. When we returned, brunch was waiting for us (thanks to my MIL).

Green chile eggs, bacon and fruit — yummy!! After an afternoon of lounging, reading and napping, it was time for our Christmas dinner. Holidays are all about the eating, after all!? 😉  For dinner, we had prime rib, green bean casserole, cranberry relish, salad, mashed potatoes and red chile.

Everything was delicious. I rarely eat red meat, but really enjoyed it tonight.  So juicy.  For dessert, I had a GF chocolate cupcake with vanilla bean ice cream. Heavenly! As promised, here’s a quick peek at my mother-in-law’s holiday decor.

Isn’t it festive?! Hope you’re having a wonderful day with your friends and family!

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