Deck the Halls 2011

Even though we are in Phoenix for Christmas this year, we still decorated our home for the holidays. Perhaps not as elaborately decorated as years past, but decorated nonetheless. Here’s a look at our 2011 Christmas decor…

From the entryway leading into the dining room (pretend you don’t see our recycling overflow on that table in the back...)

The dining room Christmas tree (herein after…Wine Club tree!)

Our family Christmas tree (the theme was Woodland Fantasy)

Our mantle

My office Christmas tree

Bedroom Christmas tree

Nativity Scenes (across the house)

These decorations sure made our home feel warmer for the holidays. In a bit, I’ll show you some decorations from my in-laws home in Arizona — it’s a Christmas village over here!

PS — This is my 1000th Post!! :mrgreen:

2 thoughts on “Deck the Halls 2011

  1. alisueonthemove says:

    I LOVE your woodland tree! I think I might have to do something like that next year, mine just might be animals. I also really enjoy that you have a tree in your bedroom and office. I love Christmas trees and next year hopefully will be having more around the house.

    Congrats on 1,000 post!!

    • MCA says:

      Thank You! Be sure to check the after Christmas sales for cool ornaments. I have been buying the animals for a few years and finally had enough to complete a tree! 🙂 Crate and Barrel (online) has quite a few animal related items this year – check it out!

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