Apres Ski

After an afternoon of work, John and I got cleaned up and went out to a hotel terrace to partake in an unusual, but interesting, St. Regis hotel tradition.  Every evening, the hotel sabers a champagne bottle in honor of Napoleon Bonaparte.

The tradition is meant to celebrate the transition from day to night and concludes with champagne for everyone. Wahoo!

After drinks, John and I went into Park City for dinner. We dined at Cafe Terigo – an intimate family run restaurant that serves Italian fare.

The highlight of my meal was my entrée — the handmade ravioli stuffed with local goat cheese, spinach and a medley of mushrooms, To.Die.For – it must be because I ate gluten to enjoy it!

After dinner, we jetted back to the St. Regis for the other hotel tradition — s’mores! Every evening the hotel offers s’mores around one of their outdoor fire pits.

Although John is going to deny this…he asked me how we were going to skewer the graham crackers without breaking them. Ha! Of course the answer is that…we are not going to skewer them.

What was he talking about?! Good Times!

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