Women Who Wine 2011 Holiday Party

After today’s run, Julie and I hustled to get ready for our 2011 Women Who Wine Holiday Party.  Since last year’s party was so fun, we wanted to make sure that we had everything ready before our guests arrived. We prepared lots of food for the gathering…

and had lots of wine.  We went through 8 bottles this afternoon!

We had a fun afternoon of laughter, gossip and catching up. We also had a “White Elephant” gift exchange that got a little heated!

There were a lot of very cute wine-related gifts. So cute, in fact, that we had a lot of “stealing” going on. Too much fun! We had a great year of Women Who Wine events and I am so pleased that we ended the year with such a fun and festive celebration.

Until next year!

4 thoughts on “Women Who Wine 2011 Holiday Party

    • MCA says:

      You are MORE than welcome to join us!! Send me an email (drcruzarnold@gmail.com) with your name, number and email address. We also have a FB page, so let me know if you are on FB and I will add you! We meet monthly for our “wine club meetings” and they are always a grand time!

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