2011 La Porte By the Bay Half Marathon

After fighting back a cold (or allergies?) of some sort this week, I wasn’t sure if I would run in today’s La Porte  By the Bay Half Marathon. In fact, I found myself taking a double-dose of Robitussin at 5:00 AM this morning due to a terrible cough attack, and I wasn’t sure if I needed to be running this morning. But…I sucked it up, got dressed and rode with Julie to La Porte for the race.

The weather was cool this morning, and it drizzled the entire race. I survived the coughing by popping cough drops and kept my Walkman ear buds in to prevent the wind from getting in.  Although the course was tough, the race was fun and was over before I knew it. I finished in 2:07:00 — a 2011 half marathon PR for me. Yippee! I’d still like to get faster, but am happy that my time has improved since last month’s race in San Antonio. Check out the medal from the race.

It’s HUGE! 🙂

I may pay for running while sick later, but for now I feel great!

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