A New Day

Friday was a great day (we hit up the Zoo, Jenni’s & Ouisie’s), but yesterday was a low. I won’t get into it here, but let’s just say yesterday didn’t go as planned.  Today, however, was a much better day. The day began with a home-cooked brekafast by John.

He knows the way to my heart, no?  After hours of watching Law and Order and napping, it was time for lunch.

I absolutely love Thanksgiving leftovers! After lunch, we cleaned the kitchen and tidied up the house now that we are guest-free. We also organized our Christmas decor and began making plans to decorate Cliffwood for the holidays.  After a while, I went outside and ran 10 glorious, yet cold and windy, miles around the neighborhood. I really needed that release. After a nice hot shower, it was time for dinner.

Leftovers again! Nothing much happened at Cliffwood today and that was exactly how I needed it. I have been doing some online Christmas shopping tonight and I am almost done. Yes! Have you done any shopping yet?

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