Last Day in Puerto Rico

After my conference ended yesterday, I made my way over to Plaza las Americas. Friends, this is a HUGE mall with many stores and retail kiosks. And yesterday it was full of shoppers. It.Was.Madness. I took advantage of the Veterans Day sales and picked up a few dresses and accessories — you know, all in the name of the San Juan economy. 😉 Fortunately, I scored a first-class upgrade on my flight home and entertained myself with episodes of Law and Order and Real Housewives of Atlanta. TV sure made my 4.5 hour flight fly by.  I really enjoyed Puerto Rico and hope to make a return trip with John in the future. If I were to compare the pros vs. cons of visiting Puerto Rico, these would be the highlights…


  • No passport required
  • Direct flight from Houston (via Continental)
  • Warm climate
  • Gorgeous  and Secluded Hotel — St. Regis
  • Very friendly people/staff


  • 2 hour time difference (I am very sensitive to this)
  • Crazy road and driving conditions
  • Cloudiness and rain are common (almost daily occurrence)
  • Certain elements (hotel, food, car rental, etc.) can be pricey
  • Spanish is the dominant language – problematic for those who don’t speak/read Spanish well

To sum it up, there aren’t too many drawbacks to visiting Puerto Rico!

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