Condado Plaza Hotel

Yesterday (Wednesday), I left the tropical oasis of the St. Regis and drove back into San Juan to check into the Conrad San Juan Condado Plaza Hotel to attend a conference.

The hotel is no St. Regis, but it is very nice! 😉 The common areas of the hotel have a very modern feel — I like it!

The hotel is situated on the beach and offers nice views and calming water sounds.

Too bad I won’t get a chance to truly enjoy the beach on this trip. Perhaps I will try to sit on the beach during a break? Or maybe I can wake up early and enjoy some tea sea-side? My room is nice too.

I have a view of the street (!), but I am not spending too much free time in the room (what free time!?).  I hate to be a total complainer, but I am really exhausted. Travel is always fun for me, but I am feeling especially tired right now. I am sure the 2 hour time difference has something to do with it.  Got to get going now — lots of work to do and got to find my eye cream (and a brush!)…STAT!

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