Sunday in Austin

John and I are still in Austin; we both have work commitments in the capitol city today. Despite a rough start on Friday (we had a flat tire), we had a great Saturday and a fantastic Sunday.  Sunday was a wonderful balance of high and low intensity activities.  The day began with a 12-mile run along Lady Bird Lake.  I encountered rain, humidity, and mud.  Lots of mud. It was glorious, although it took me a while to clean up my shoes afterwards.

Last long run before next week’s San Antonio Rock and Roll Half Marathon!  Afterwards, it was time for lunch at Walton’s Fancy and Staple.

This is one of Sandra Bullock’s Austin restaurants and I was excited to finally give it a go.  Why you ask? Because the food is delicious and the decor is comfortable and inviting.  To meet my GF needs, I ordered the egg and bacon plate and subbed fresh fruit for the toast.

Look at that fruit cup – no filler fruit here.  Instead, it’s fresh berries.! Walton’s makes its bread in-house, giving the restaurant an almost unbelievably delicious aroma. Nelda ordered this sandwich on pretzel bread and I had GF bread envy.

She gave me a tiny piece to try (because I requested a tiny piece) and it was amazing! Yum! I also ate this delicious GF brownie.  Heavenly!

After lunch, Nelda and I did got pedicures and did a bit of shopping.  Then, it was time for a deep-tissue massage.  Best way to relax tired muscles — hands down. For dinner, Nelda treated us to roasted pork, jasmine rice, broccoli and snow peas.

It was fantastic and a great way to end a wonderful weekend. John and I both feel well-rested for what is likely to be a crazy week! Special thanks to the Hunters for the hospitality!

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