Office Redesign

I have worked on a home office redesign since I began my new job in May of 2010.  Since I work from home when I am not traveling, I wanted to create a warm, open and comfortable space.  After nearly 16 months of looking, searching and updating, I am happy to say that we almost have a finished project! Since I only lack a few accessories and minor touch-ups, I thought I would share my progress. But, before I do…how about a brief look at the old office (circa 2006-2010)?

Barf.  There, I said it.  The furniture and walls clearly screamed ” no one uses this space except a man” and “no one uses really uses this space.” In fact, let’s not look at other pictures. Instead, here’s where we are now…

Although I love my desk, credenza, table and accessories, I am really loving my new sleeper couch.

This sofa/sleeper is super comfortable and folds out into a queen-size bed.  This will be perfect for additional over-night guests or for me when I want to take an afternoon nap.  In terms of next steps, I still lack the following:

  • Minor wall touch-ups (paint)
  • Framed artwork (still at framer)
  • Books for table
  • Pillow(s) for couch — still looking for the “right” piece(s)
  • Find more comfortable, low-profile desk chair

I expect these outstanding items to be crossed of my “to-do” list soon. In the meantime, I am going to thoroughly enjoy my new space! :mrgreen:

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