Although October was a fun month for me, I am glad it’s over. I was on the road more days than I was home last month and I am looking forward to me a more relaxed November. Here’s what’s in store for me this month.


  • San Antonio 1/2
  • TXU Turkey Trot 10K

I am looking forward to the half marathon and would like to get under a 2:00:00 race time. I have trained hard for this race and hope everything goes as planned! John and I will both take part in the Turkey Trot for Thanksgiving, as will my in-laws who will be here for Thanksgiving.  Should be a good time!


  • Austin (4 trips)
  • San Juan, Puerto Rico

Yes, you read that right, I am going to Puerto Rico for work! Tough job, I know. I will be there for a conference, but am hoping for a little R & R too. I will certainly be blogging about this adventure!


  • Office Update
  • Thanksgiving Ready
  • Texas vs. Tech
  • Silpada Party
  • Prepping for the Holidays
My office is almost complete —  I lack just a few finishing touches.  I should be able to blog about my finished office redesign in the next few days. I am very excited! In addition to a few personal activities this month, I will also spend time getting the house reading for holiday house guests, parties and holiday decorating. I can’t wait! What’s on your plate this month?

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