The City that Never Sleeps…

…kept me from sleeping while in town for work. Grrr.  Honking, screaming, laughing, slamming doors, ringing phones, elevator sounds, basically every sound that could keep me up, kept me up the past two nights.  Ah well, can’t do anything about it now. I usually bring an eye mask, sleeping pills and SleepyTime tea on work trips, but somehow none of these items made it into my suitcase on this trip.  Major Fail.  Better luck next time, right?  Since several people have inquired…I usually stay at the Empire Hotel when I am in NYC for work (our offices are 1.5 blocks away).  The rooms there are really nice, albeit tiny. Here are a few (poor-quality) photos I snapped with my Blackberry.

The bathrooms are painfully small, unless you get an upgrade.  Even still, the hotel has a great lounge bar, roof top bar, customer service, great food and is in an ideal location.  My meetings wrapped up earlier today and I am currently relaxing in the United Lounge at LaGuardia.  Although I have had a nice time in NYC, I am more than ready to be home. Besides, I will be back in town next Wednesday-Saturday with Nelda and Julie! Have a great rest of the day/weekend!

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