Why hello there, October!

I say this every month, but I really can’t believe we are already this far into 2011.  Where does the time go?  Anyhow, October is going to be an interesting month for me.

As usual, work, running and projects around Cliffwood are going to keep me moving at break-neck speeds.


Work travel just might stretch my travel limits in October.  It’s not the frequency of trips that’s a doozy, it’s simply the distance involved with the trips. Essentially, I have one big trip every week in October and will spend 13 of 21 work days (this month) on the road. But, as you know, I love traveling and love my job, so I’m ready to get to it.  Here’s where I am going this month (detailed per trip):

  • Washington, DC (2 days)
  • Reston, VA → San Francisco, CA (yes, a coast to coast trip that is only 4 days long)
  • New York, NY (3 days)
  • New York, NY (Julie & Nelda are joining me on this one – 4 day trip!)


I currently don’t have any races scheduled for October, but my half marathon training really ramps up this month.  With all of my travels, it will be cool to run in some new places and a challenge to squeeze in the runs.  As they say…no pain, no gain, right?


I have been talking about several various Cliffwood projects lately, but I am going to complete them this month.  Here they are — hold me accountable!:

  • Finish remodeling/decorating my office (Finally!)
  • Rotate closets to feature seasonal clothes & accessories
  • Organize holiday decor

What do you have going on this month? Anything fun? Any big Halloween plans?

One thought on “Why hello there, October!

  1. Shundea says:

    Happy belated birthday!!!

    I only have two projects this month.
    #1 – BABY FURNITURE. I gave everything away in my delusions that Brenna would be an only child so we have to shop like newbies.
    #2 – Sorting through and washing the 3 boxes of baby gear my husband’s grandmother sent to our house. Where she found 28 receiving blankets, I will never know!!

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