Thankfully, we had a pretty relaxing weekend at Cliffwood. Weekend activities included:

  • Work, Work, Work
  • Cleaning & organizing Cliffwood
  • Laundry – 6 loads washed, dried, folded and put-away
  • An 8 -mile run with Julie at Hermann Park
  • Shopping at Luke’s Locker & DWR
  • Sunday dinner with Mom & Dad Cruz in Baytown
  • Football watching (Sorry, Texans & Aggies!)
  • A 3-mile run around our ‘hood
Yesterday, however, was  pretty cray-cray.  Even though I am working from home, I somehow managed to schedule back-to-back mini calls with long conference calls.  This, of course, is on top of other deadlines and commitments that existed. Nice 😉  In other news, there are three things that we are excited about at Cliffwood:

#1 – New Dining Chairs
After lots of reflection, we determined that we really need 2 more chairs for our dining table.  These 2 Louis Ghost Chairs will pump up our seating to 10 — just perfect for Thanksgiving, Christmas and standard entertaining. We cannot wait for them to arrive!
#2 – Gluten-Free Eating
Today marks Day #3 of complete GF eating. I feel amazing! Truly. I’ll try to remember this feeling the next time I am tempted by gluten-free deliciousness.

#3 Sleeper Sofa
As part of my ongoing office remodel, we have been on the hunt for a sleeper sofa.  Although there are a lot of sofas on the market, we haven’t been able to find one that meets our needs (aesthetic, length, height, depth, bed size, etc.) until now. Actually, we had previously seen this one online,  but didn’t think we liked it until we saw it in person. Isn’t it funny how that happens sometimes?  This baby will be going on sale soon and when it does we plan to scoop it up. In the meantime, I am excited knowing that we finally fund something that we love.
Finding new chairs, a sleeper sofa and eating gluten-free may seem like such small things to you – and that’s because they are small things. I believe in celebrating the small things because they can bring such joy to one’s daily life.  I know these three things sure were my sunshine on a busy and cloudy day.  Hope you had a great day too! :mrgreen: Happy Tuesday!

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