Swinging Sunday

I woke up this morning to some serious lower back pain.  I suppose I authorized a bit too much pressure at yesterday’s massage. Ouch. Regardless, we headed out early to the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. 

That’s right – this Scared-Of-Heights gal actually took the tram up to an elevation of 8,300 ft.

Once we were there, we did an exhausting 5 mile hike.  The elevation is no-joke. However, the views made the work worth it. 

It was gorgeous.  I love the calmness of nature.  We spent the rest of the day getting organized for the week and watching college football.  Believe it or not, we actually got dressed up for dinner and went to Mister Parker’s – the infamous on-site restaurant at Parker Palm Springs. 

Everything was wonderful. The décor is a mix of psychedelic satyr and burlesque lounge – very fun.  The ceilings were mirrored and we couldn’t resist taking a silly picture of ourselves.

I had the gnocchi for dinner and it was to.die.for.  I even liked the brussel sprouts!

John and I split a chocolate peanut butter mousse for dessert and it was unbelievable.  Paired with fresh raspberry ice cream, each bite was better than the one before it.  Since I didn’t take a nap today, I am more than ready for bed.  Good Night!

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