Fitness Update: 8/28-9/2

Here’s the breakdown of what I did this week:

  • Sunday: 5 mile run
  • Monday: Strength + Yoga
  • Tuesday: 3 mile  run
  • Wednesday: 3 mile run (speed work)
  • Thursday: Rest
  • Friday:  3 mile run + Strength
  • Saturday: 3 mile run

I did a lot of traveling this week (Austin, TX,  Santa Fe, NM & Palm Springs, CA), and my travel plans slightly complicated my exercise plans. Read: running at odd hours and switching my rest day around.  In Week 2 of my official training for the 2011 San Antonio Rock & Roll Half Marathon, I ran 17 miles this week. Given the unbearable heat as of late, I have stuck with treadmill runs.  What a rude awakening it will be when I start running outdoors!

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