A Very Leisurely Saturday

After a very restful night of sleep, I hit the gym this morning for a quick 3 mile run and some stretching.  After we were cleaned up, John and I drove over to Palm Greens for breakfast. 

Palm Greens is an organic eatery known for its healthy, gluten-free fare. Naturally, I had to try it. I had the GF blueberry pancakes – they were terrific and full of fresh blueberries.

I also had a fresh spinach, kale, beet, apple, orange and ginger juice. Even though it was a tad heavy on the ginger, I really enjoyed my juice.   

Seriously, it was good. Stop making that face. After breakfast, we drove around exploring several well-known neighborhoods with mid-century modern homes.  We also did some shopping and I scored some finds, including some fine china, Blenko glassware and a brass owl. But more on those items later!  John really wanted to eat at a place called Blue Coyote for lunch, so we did.  I ordered the enchiladas.  Don’t they look tasty?

Well, they weren’t.  They were horrible actually.  No flavor or spice to speak of. Blah.  Thanks, John – you won’t be able to select a restaurant for us for some time.  For the record, he thought his meal sucked too.  After our lackluster lunch, we took naps before heading to the spa for massages.  Our massages were fantastic.  The post-massage pool-time was very nice too.  Very Zen.  Afterwards, we snuggled in our room while watching college football.  Awww. Such nerds. When dinner time came upon us, our lazy selves couldn’t be bothered to get cleaned up for dinner.  So we cancelled our fancy dinner reservations and went to causal Giuseppe’s Pizza and Pasta instead.  John was able to satisfy his pizza fix and I enjoyed a GF pasta dish. 

Now, it’s not even 8:00 PST and I am practically holding my eyelids open with toothpicks.  Run? Check. Nap? Check. Shopping? Check. Good Eats? Fail & Check. Massage? Check.  Lounge Time. Check.  Yes – it was another faboush day in paradise.

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